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Mp3 Sudais And Shuraim With Urdu
Name Size
Qur'an Directory/
001.mp3 1.3M
002_[part_1_of_3].mp3 67.2M
002_[part_2_of_3].mp3 69.4M
002_[part_3_of_3].mp3 26.5M
003_[part_1_of_2].mp3 42.9M
003_[part_2_of_2].mp3 49.9M
004_[part_1_of_3].mp3 17.4M
004_[part_2_of_3].mp3 67.6M
004_[part_3_of_3].mp3 14.2M
005_[part_1_of_2].mp3 52.3M
005_[part_2_of_2].mp3 20.4M
006_[part_1_of_2].mp3 47.8M
006_[part_2_of_2].mp3 34.6M
007_[part_1_of_2].mp3 37.4M
007_[part_2_of_2].mp3 54.7M
008_[part_1_of_2].mp3 15.2M
008_[part_2_of_2].mp3 19.2M
009_[part_1_of_2].mp3 48.8M
009_[part_2_of_2].mp3 18.1M
010.mp3 47.4M
011_[part_1_of_2].mp3 2.2M
011_[part_2_of_2].mp3 47.9M
012_[part_1_of_2].mp3 23.6M
012_[part_2_of_2].mp3 21.8M
013.mp3 23.9M
014.mp3 23.9M
015.mp3 17.5M
016.mp3 50.3M
017.mp3 41.6M
018_[part_1_of_2].mp3 27.3M
018_[part_2_of_2].mp3 11.8M
019.mp3 25.0M
020.mp3 33.1M
021.mp3 31.6M
022.mp3 33.7M
023.mp3 28.0M
024.mp3 35.2M
025_[part_1_of_2].mp3 7.4M
025_[part_2_of_2].mp3 15.4M
026.mp3 34.4M
027_[part_1_of_2].mp3 18.8M
027_[part_2_of_2].mp3 10.3M
028.mp3 36.9M
029_[part_1_of_2].mp3 15.2M
029_[part_2_of_2].mp3 8.7M
030.mp3 21.1M
031.mp3 13.4M
032.mp3 10.5M
033_[part_1_of_2].mp3 13.5M
033_[part_2_of_2].mp3 20.3M
034.mp3 23.8M
035.mp3 18.3M
036_[part_1_of_2].mp3 5.2M
036_[part_2_of_2].mp3 14.5M
037.mp3 23.3M
038.mp3 18.9M
039_[part_1_of_2].mp3 13.0M
039_[part_2_of_2].mp3 16.0M
040.mp3 29.4M
041_[part_1_of_2].mp3 17.8M
041_[part_2_of_2].mp3 3.6M
042.mp3 20.4M
043.mp3 22.3M
044.mp3 9.9M
045.mp3 13.0M
046.mp3 14.8M
047.mp3 13.2M
048.mp3 14.9M
049.mp3 9.1M
050.mp3 10.9M
051_[part_1_of_2].mp3 4.5M
051_[part_2_of_2].mp3 4.7M
052.mp3 7.5M
053.mp3 9.6M
054.mp3 10.0M
055.mp3 12.6M
056.mp3 10.5M
057.mp3 13.9M
058.mp3 11.5M
059.mp3 11.9M
060.mp3 9.4M
061.mp3 5.9M
062.mp3 4.6M
063.mp3 4.6M
064.mp3 5.9M
065.mp3 6.9M
066.mp3 6.3M
067.mp3 8.8M
068.mp3 8.5M
069.mp3 7.9M
070.mp3 7.3M
071.mp3 5.3M
072.mp3 6.3M
073.mp3 4.9M
074.mp3 6.4M
075.mp3 4.2M
076.mp3 6.2M
077.mp3 5.6M
078.mp3 5.3M
079.mp3 5.1M
080.mp3 4.1M
081.mp3 3.1M
082.mp3 2.3M
083.mp3 4.8M
084.mp3 3.2M
085.mp3 3.0M
086.mp3 1.9M
087.mp3 2.2M
088.mp3 2.8M
089.mp3 4.2M
090.mp3 2.2M
091.mp3 1.8M
092.mp3 2.2M
093.mp3 1.4M
094.mp3 978.1K
095.mp3 1.2M
096.mp3 2.3M
097.mp3 928.1K
098.mp3 2.5M
099.mp3 1.1M
100.mp3 1.4M
101.mp3 1.2M
102.mp3 1.1M
103.mp3 538.1K
104.mp3 1.1M
105.mp3 862.1K
106.mp3 760.1K
107.mp3 980.1K
108.mp3 534.1K
109.mp3 978.1K
110.mp3 732.1K
111.mp3 754.1K
112.mp3 520.1K
113.mp3 746.1K
114.mp3 1.0M
dua.mp3 7.1M